Sports Technology

  • Development of Mobile Badminton VR Training System

    Prototype 1: iMAMS Mobile Badminton VR Training System

    VR app

    Instrumented Racket Grip
  • Development of Soccer Ball Launcher and Soccer Heading Experiment

    Soccer ball launching device

    Instrumented mouthpiece to measure
    linear and angular head acceleration

    Soccer heading experiment
    on human volunteers

    High-speed video of the
    soccer heading experiment

    Finite Element Analysis of Soccer Heading

    Soccer heading experiment

    FE simulation of soccer heading

    FE modelling of soccer heading with headgear

    FE analysis of soccer headgear
  • Instrumented Bow
    A good performance bow is highly dependent on its stability to transfer potential energy to kinetic energy of an arrow efficiently. Less movement of the bow during shooting leads to more stable transfer of energy thus tuning of the bow must be conducted scientifically. Instrumented bow can help bow designers to measure several points on the bow and tune the bow to the specific shooting styles of an archer. The system is equipped with wireless transfer technology for mobility. The data can be read from a smart phone or laptop computer. 

    Mobile Multi-Camera System for Archery

    Top view

    Front view

    An integrated system to help coaches/sports scientists identify, recognize, and quantify of relevant parameters for archery athlete performance. The athlete performance is analyzed from several factors, including but not limited to, motion analysis, stance posture, biomechanics, heart rate, muscles activation.