Sports Technology and Rehabilitation

Past projects

  1. Wireless Timing Gate System
  2. Modelling and Analysis of Soccer Heading and Soccer Headgear
  3. 3D Foot Scanner with Microsoft Kinect
  4. Postural Balance Platform (for Archery / Shooting)
  5. StatWatch – Notational Analysis Android App

Ongoing projects

  1. Analysis of Bow Vibration in Archery – Instrumented Bow
  2. Mobile Multi-Camera System for Archery
  3. Mechanomyography (MMG) Device to Monitor Muscle Fatigue
  4. Putt-it-in – Golf Putting Monitoring System
  5. Virtual Reality Badminton Training System
  6. Talent Identification & Evaluation (TiDE) System
  7. 3D Printed Functional Ankle Foot Orthosis
  8. Upper Limb Rehabilitative Exoskeleton
  9. Exo-Glove