Welcome to the official website of the Innovative Manufacturing, Mechatronics and Sports Lab (iMAMS). iMAMS lab is a result of the consolidation of two distinctive labs, namely the Intelligent Mechatronics and Manufacturing Lab (IMAM) and the Centre for Sports Engineering (CenSE). The idea of combining both labs came from the mentor himself, Prof. Dr. Zahari Taha, and this serves the purpose for the lab to be effectively managed besides putting both lab members under the same roof, thus creating an enthusiastic research atmosphere, sparking new ideas and fostering good relationships among the members.

iMAMS lab conducts innovative research in manufacturing, mechatronics and sports engineering. Currently our research is divided into 4 clusters; Embedded Systems & Internet of Things, Drones, Driverless and Autonomous Vehicle, Smart Manufacturing, and Sports Technology. Please click on the research cluster's name below to know further about our research.

Internet of Things (IoT)


Autonomous Vehicle


Smart Manufacturing